Time to Begin Again

"Here I am, doing a new thing; Now it is springing up— do you not know about it? 

I will surely make a way in the desert, rivers in the wasteland."

Isaiah 43:19 

Healing and Deliverance Ministry

with James Schmidt

Hebrew Hearts has brought James Schmidt on board for his gifting in the areas of 

Intercessory Prayer, Physical and Emotional Healing, and Deliverance Ministry.

If you are facing a need for yourself or someone else in any of these areas,

 please reach out to James at the e-mail below.

[email protected] 

If James has been of help to you and you would like to bless him, feel free to use the Donate Button below and simply put "For James" in the "Notes" Section. 

Prayer and Counseling for Women 

With Kerry Anderson of

"Calling All Girls"

Kerry Anderson has dedicated her Ministry, Calling All Girls, to help Women and Girls to become all that they were intended to be instead of just who they were told that they would be. 

Drawing upon her years of a career in the Health and Beauty Industry, 

Kerry speaks to the Heart of Women in a way unique to their needs and fears and the special place in the Heart of God for Women of this Generation.

E-Mail Kerry Anderson 

Calling All Girls Homepage

Dan Allender on Healing from Trauma 

Healing from Trauma

"The Scars Remind Us, That The Past Is Real" 

Sexual Trauma 

Resource: Dan Allender, Faith Based Sexual Trauma Therapist, Plumb's "Nice, Naive and Beautiful", and Chuck Brodsky's "Until You Can Forgive (Your Self), and "Overcoming Shame". Cole Davis's "When You Begin to Heal" series is also extremely helpful in this endeavor. 

Sexual Trauma is not only violation of the Body, but its a Murder of the Soul in a Sense, but even these Wounds can go from Beauty to Ashes if Love is properly given and received. This is often revealed in a Dream by being stabbed in the back or betrayed in some other way representing the Trauma or even in a murder, as it is a "Murder of One". 

The importance of "Telling Your Story" cannot be overrated. 

"Healing Sexuality" Prayer with John Eldredge 

"Over Coming Shame" with John Bradshaw 


Resource:  Phil Downer, Marine Door Gunner, Attorney, and Military Minister, DNA Ministries 

Service in the Military is a common source of Trauma, but not the only Source. Trauma in Dreams most often comes in the form or recurring Nightmares or a sense of being "Stuck" in a place in time that the Trauma happened. The role of some Dreams is to process through what the Soul (Mind, Will, and Emotions" cannot let go of but needs to release. The lodging of Trauma is why Music is so effective in healing Trauma, as Music is a salve for the Soul in particular. 

Church Hurt 

Resource: "Stained Glass Masquerade" and "Jesus Friend of Sinners" by Casting Crowns, and "Beautiful Outlaw" by John Eldredge

Being Hurt by the Church is one of the worst kinds of Hurt, as it is the Betrayal of going to a Hospital only to be tortured when you arrive instead of Healed. It can be hard to accept, but not everyone claiming to be Children of The Creator are actually children of The Creator, and not all are appointed by Him to be Shepherds (Pastor) or Ambassadors (Apostles) or Messenger (Prophets), or Recruiters (Evangelists) or Educators (Teachers). Appointment by Man does not equal Annointing by The King. There is also the Humanity of us all getting in The Way, and our Free Will to choose Rebellion against The King or to choose Kingdom Service. We build His Kingdom OR our own Empire of Dirt. The Creator doesn't play around with people causing Hurt in His Name which causes Mistrust in His Name.

In Dreams, a Church is often represented by a Hospital or a School. 

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who trust in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck and to be sunk in the depth of the sea!" Matthew 18:6  

Timothy Keller "Justice and Mercy" commentary on Isaiah 58

Pastor Francis Chan talks about why he left his Mega-Church. 

Derek Webb also has some music like "Wedding Dress" and "Lover"  

"Does Anybody Hear Her" by Casting Crowns sums it up well.

Grief and Loss

"Me and Cinderella, Can Put It All Together, We Can Drive It Home, With One Headlight"

Father Wounds

Resource: John Eldredge, Faith Based Counselor focusing on the Father Wound.

Father Wounds are very prevalent, as we are the most Fatherless Generation in History, a Sexual Revolution and Feminist Revolution has produced a Fatherlessness Crisis. Since "Father" is the first impression we have of "Father God", God can often use our Earthly Father in a Dream to show us struggles we are having with our Heavenly Father that need resolution. Many have never received "The Father's Blessing" (example here) and the Church as a whole does understand "The Mystery of the Father's Blessing". 

Resource: "The Father Effect" Short Film

John Eldredge "Wild at Heart" for Men, "Killing Lions" for Teen Boys, "Way of the Wild Heart" for Raising Boys, and

"Captivating" by Stasi Eldredge for Women and  "Your Captivating Heart" for Girls. "Keys to Healing the Masculine Soul" with Dan Allender as well.

Grief and Loss

Resource: Harold Kushner, Rabbi and Grief Counselor "When Bad Things Happen to Good People"

Death was never meant to be, it is a reminder that the World is NOT as intended. In Dreams a loved-one who has passed can appear as a symbol of something they represented to us, or something that had about them common to the family, or a need for us to finally release to them Eternity. Someone living Dying in a Dream can be the Death of a Relationship or if there is Blood, something very painful that we need to Pray Against coming.

"The Righteous Perish, and No One Understands it in Their Heart, that the Righteous are taken to spare them the Evil of Days ahead". Isaiah 57:1 


Divorce is an Amputation of Sorts, as two become ONE and this ONE was then again, ripped into Two. You can imagine the Damage done when Two Trees intertwine their roots and a storm tears them apart. In a Dream a former Spouse can signify either a Soul-Tie, a need to find Forgiveness and Closure, or they can simply denote who you were at that time in your life. 

Real Life Help

"Roll a New Leaf Over"

Financial Resources 

Resource:: Dave Ramsey "Get Out of Debt" Specialist, and "Crown Financial Ministry", and Clark Howard's Work From Home Job Listings. 

Money in Dreams often Represents Favor with Man or Favor with God. In some Church Cultures, it is treated as the ONLY Sign of Favor with God (which is a Sadducee Theology from the 1st Century). Lack of Finances can be a deep sense of Shame for both men and women.

It is sometimes a Generational Curse or the result of an Injustice committed against the family (we recommend this Justice Teaching if that is the case).. 


Resource: David Wilkerson's "Teen Challenge", and "Celebrate Recovery"

John Eldredge "Cocaine" television interview. 

Addictions are essentially the misuse of a Good Thing or the misuse of a natural thing, there are also incidents in which we simply fell prey to the Devil's Chemistry in addictions to synthetic chemicals. Everyone has an Addiction of some kind however, its just that some are Society/Church Approved and Legal (Food Addiction, Gossip Addiction, Religion Addiction, etc), and others are not (Drugs and Alcohol for Example). 

Many Addictions are Shame Based, which is often the missing piece. All Addictions of cheap counterfeits of something God-Given that would fulfill a God-Given Need, like One Night Stands replacing Intimacy or getting Drunk on spirits replacing getting Filled with the Spirit of Peace.

Addiction is often revealed in "Soul Dreams" which reveal that out of control Desire that is controlling our Mind, Will and Emotions instead of The Spirit. These Dreams can also reveal the Root of Shame that is fueling addiction.

Physical Healing

Resource: Dr. Don Colbert's Book "What Would Jesus Eat?" 

Physical Healing is a Mystery but it sometimes takes place in Dreams (as Brian had happen with his Impacted Wisdom Tooth). Healing can be from unexpected sources as well, such as a change in Nutrition as the Gerson Therapy employs for Cancer, or a change in Attitude as Chinese Medicine and Henry Wright of "Be In Health" views as the avenue for healing without pharmaceuticals. "The Mystery of Healing" with John Paul Jackson and "What Would Jesus Eat?" a Scientific look at the Bible Diet is also useful.


"The Arms Of Your Loved One, Is The Only Home That Lasts"

Single's Resources

Resource: Boundless.org from Focus on the Family. A Single's Webzine. 

Singleness is a hard road as The Creator said it was "Not Good" for Adam to be alone, even in an Unfallen World, walking elbows length from Yeshua, with no Trauma or Hurt or Rejection so far, how much more so the rest of us. While Dreams can show us our future Spouse directly, they can also use a "stand in" of someone we know for someone we don't, or they can show a desire of the Soul that has grown out of control for quite some time. A Wedding is also a Covenant with someone, or a Soul Tie, so it is not always a Sign that Marriage will occur. "Healing Sexuality Prayer" with John Eldredge.

"God is a Matchmaker" by Derek Prince and 
"Created to be his Helpmate" by Debbi Perl are helpful resources. 

"Say Hello to Courtship' by Joshua Harris as well. 

Family and Children

Strained Relationships within a family are strangely often represented by pets, such as a Kitten or a Puppy, or in the case of King David with Bathsheba, as an Ewe Lamb in the Parable of Nathan. Sometimes we are shown what we can cannot directly accept in a round about way to make it palatable. Generational Issues(Generational Curses OR Generational Consequences)are often be revealed in these dreams as the Enemy targets children with Generational Curses at a very young age. 

Perry Stone's "Pruning Your Family Tree" is very helpful in this area. 

A Father's Blessing can also help reverse many of these issues. 

Marriage Resources

Resource: John and Stasi Eldredge's "Love and War" Series, Mark Gungor's "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage", Gary Chapman's "The 5 Love Languages", Emerson Eggerich's "Love and Respect"  Milan and Kay Yerkovich  "How We Love" Series. 

The Films "War Room" and "FireProof" PureFlix is also highly recommended.

Issues in a Marriage are often revealed in Dreams in what looks like an Affair, but it is rarely about a literal Affair. For example, a dream about a Husband Kissing his Secretary often simply means that he is focused more on his Job than he is his Family, or a Woman kissing her Ex-Boyfriend usually means she wants to go back to the life or type of life she had at the time. There are occasions though when these are warnings to go to Prayer.

Soul Ties and Sexual Issues

"I Don't Want The World To See Me, Cause I Don't Think That They'd Understand"


Resource: "Boundaries" by Cloud and Townsend, Soul Ties Teaching, and 

CODA "Co-Dependents Anonymous" 

Co-Dependency is essentially when our Self-Worth becomes so wrapped up in another person, that we will shatter our own Moral Compass to follow them without Question. We look to them not to just contribute to our Identity (like a Father Name's His Children and Changes His Wife's Last Name) but they become a more overriding Source of our Identity than The Creator does. The Creator alone knows our "White Stone Name" though.

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Ruach is saying to Messiah’s communities. To the one who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna,[a] and I will give him a white stone—and written on the stone a new name that no one knows except the one who receives it." Revelation 2:17 

In Dreams this can be seen by being Tied to Someone or their Rejection causing some kind of Death in us, or their Refusal to Save us. This can also show Soul-Ties and other Issues.

 "Adult Children of Alcoholics" Books and Studies are very helpful even if there is no Alchoholic in the home, as patterns are similar still.

Porn Addiction

Resource: XXXChurch.com  Software Program "Covenant Eyes" 

Porn Addiction is not just a Physical Desire run amuck, it is often the result of Continual Rejection and the Momentary False Sense of being Respected and Desired and in a Sense, Submitted to. It can also be the bad fruit of unresolved Bitterness towards the Opposite Sex sprouting up on the Computer Screen. Neurologically, it produces the same results in the Brain as Chemical Addictions, and like Chemical Addictions, its a Rabbit Hole that takes you deep dark places over time you never thought you would go to on your own. In Dreams this produces Unnatural Desires beginning to rise.

The often overlooked fact is that it is usually a Family Problem and a Marriage Problem and a Society Problem, not just a Husband Problem (as there are contributing Factors in the Marriage that Dr. Laura Schlessinger points out in her book "Woman Power" and "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands") and many many woman are now Addicted to Porn (Visual Porn, not just Romance Novels which are Emotional Pornography that also produce Unreal Expectations and with them, Unsatisified Desire and Continual Disappointments). "Healing Sexuality Prayer" with John Eldredge.

Struggling with Homosexuality

Resource: Joe Dallas "Love Won Out" Conference

Homosexuality is often an expression of Desire left Unchecked, of Deep Rejection by the Opposite Sex, or Deep Betrayal by the same Sex, or of a Deep Confusion by the Society. 

The Confusion can often be rooted back to Unrealistic or even Cartoonish Concepts of Manhood or Womanhood, that leave those who do not fit the Stereotype to find another Identity they can live up to. 

In Dreams this is often represented by the Natural or Animal World acting Unnaturally, or by Frogs in particular. 

"Healing Sexuality Prayer" with John Eldredge 

"Keys to Healing the Masculine Soul" with Dan Allender 

"Airplane Encounter" with Recie Saunders (Compassion in Evangelism)

Deliverance and Mental Health

"Just Make This Go Away, Just One More Peaceful Day"

Depression, Anxiety and Disappointment and Mental Health

Resource: Derek Prince, Deliverance Minister. and John Paul Jackson "Strongholds" series and Dr. Don Colbert's What Would Jesus Eat?" and 
"Be in Health" with Henry Wright 

Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar and other Issues usually have a multitude of causes that all culminate into a Diagnosis. Life Circumstances, a very Lonely and Materialistic and Disconnected Society, Broken Families, Genetics, Substance Abuse, Diet, Lifestyle, and of course Spiritual Beings can all contribute and compound Mental Illness and Oppression. It is hard to tell if the problem began in the Life Arena, Chemical Arena, the Nutritional Arena, the Thought Arena, the Environmental Arena, the Genetic Arena, or the Spiritual Arena, but one usually opens the Door for all of the rest to come in like a Flood.

The Perceptions that result are Thought Fortresses or Strongholds.

They are often Represented in Dreams as Castles, Forts, Barricades, etc. 


Resource: Cole Davis Deliverance Minister, Demonology Series 

Nightmares are sometimes the result of our Fears revealing themselves, sometimes the taunting of the Enemy, but also sometimes, The Creator forcing the Enemy to reveal his plan so that we can stand and pray against it. Intercessory Prayer is almost always need for Nightmares and we recommend Cole Davis's Demonology Series especially his teaching on Passive Males and reaching out to James Schmidt for Intercessory Prayer.

Demonic Oppression

Resource: James Schmidt, Deliverance Minister and Cole Davis Deliverance Minister (Demonology Series and he travels to help Families in Crisis).

Derek Prince's Deliverance Ministry Video Series 

Demonic Oppression is often revealed in Dreams through Sleep Paralysis or through Predatory Animals (as the Natural reflects the Spiritual). Serpents represent Deception, Bears represent being stalked by something, Spiders represent Generational spirits, a Black Widow is a Jezebel spirit, which is particularly prone to attack Spiritual Leaders.

Deliverance From Spirit-Guides